A new API service release (version 4.0.0) took place on the 31st of May. Many improvements were made compared to the 3.0.0 version, and more are ahead with the next release, scheduled for early September.

The release has been implemented on the production server. The API documentation on the APE wiki page is now updated and the release notes (the changes / additions compared to the 3.0.0 version) can be found here.

This release is the outcome of a collaboration with the Dutch National Archives-RHC Web Components team, which has asked for further expansion of the current set of API queries.  This requires a full re-indexation of all content contained in the Archives Portal Europe, which is currently being carried out without the need to pause front-end services on the Portal: a great accomplishment for the APEF technical team, lead by Wim van Dongen.

More information on the new API release is available here (in Dutch)